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John Hutchinson
Catalogue text
August 1999


Exhibition:   UTOPIAS

… a set of small photographic self-portraits by Alan Lambert, which deal with related ideas about the contingency and fluidity of personal identity. During a recent journey to Siberia, Lambert found a set of pre-Revolutionary photographs of a Russian actor in many - and frequently laughable - guises; he has since superimposed his own face on them. The results are both bathetic and cheerful, full of an unexpected modesty.




Patrick Murphy

Catalogue text

May - June 1999

Exhibition:   FIRST LOOK - a selection of artists

Alan Lambert’s practice spans video, film, painting and drawing; his video here seems to have more in common with abstract painting than anything else. His paintings are constructed by first applying pigment to a wooden panel and then sanding it away. For Lambert the artistic decision is when to stop before losing any reference to an abstract painting.


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